Monday, October 20, 2014

“Yo sé con todo mi FREAKING corazón”

Well tomorrow I officially start my 2nd transfer in the field! Crazy! This week was pretty eventful but I´m going to try to keep it short because I have tons of emails to write this week.

On Monday we were rushing to appointments after we emailed and it was raining and we were walking through the mud to get to one of our appointments and Hermana Lopez fell and hurt her ankle that she already hurt 2 months ago. Then  this random man that appeared helped us walk her to the investigator’s house that we were going to and they did all this weird Mexican "massage" (torture) treatment on her and she was like screaming. Finally when everything calmed down and we were about to leave I felt super sick and lightheaded and everyone said my face was completely white and my lips were like green and I don’t remember actually passing out but I’m pretty sure I did because I didn’t remember at all some of the things that they told me happened. SO yeah, wooh exciting.

The other day this man started trying to talk to me in English then started telling me that our Presidents of the US commit genocide and stuff and I was like uhhh what the heck, gotta go bye. Yeah, some people are super weird about Americans.

Here it´s totally okay to call people fat, that they look bad, etc. And people call each other whities, brownies, blackies, etc.

Everyone in my ward and all my investigators have been telling me that when I get married I have to send them wedding invitations because I guess that makes it super easy for them to come to the US so basically at my wedding there’s gonna be a ton of Mexicans.

On Tuesday we were coming home from an activity with our ward mission leader and his family in a combi and he was trying to get me to teach him English and it was super funny. Everyone in the combi was laughing and listening to us and it was so much fun. The people’s accents here when they speak English are hilarious.

On Thursday we had intercambios, which is exchanges with other missionaries so Hermana Lopez left our area with one of our training leaders and I stayed in our area with our American training leader. I was super nervous about it because I still wasn’t sure if I knew the area and we had to go to some far places but everything turned out super well and my Spanish was super good that day and yeah. But we have to take a combi all the way into the city then another from the city to our house at night because the easier way is too dangerous. And I kinda forgot how to get to the combi that takes us home from the city and I was pretty sure we were lost. I had just finished praying that we would get home safely and then right as we were walking past a Pan Dulces place, the aunt of one of the members in our ward who we had met a few times walked out at the perfect timing and offered to give us a ride to our house. Such a blessing and tender mercy! And we got back exactly in time.

We have mold like all over our house so that’s pretty neat

On Saturday we had Patricia’s baptism and it went SO well. Hermana Lopez, myself and 8 Elders sang a musical number of a mix of “I Need Thee Every Hour” and “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” and it was so powerful and Patricia was crying and ah it was awesome. Her daughter and her daughter’s "esposo" who we are teaching came just in time for the actual baptismal ordinance so that was awesome. We are so happy for her and her granddaughter Victoria is being baptized on the 24th.

It’s a fact that all the Hermanas in our mission are permanently bloated from the food. It's so uncomfortable.

Yesterday we were walking and this old guy in the streets was like "niñas! niñas!" So we stopped and talked to him and he was soo drunk... you could smell the alcohol from like a mile away and his eyes were all glazed over and he was talking super weirdly and like telling us where his house was so we could teach him and we were like welp okay... haha.

We committed 2 of our harder investigators who are living together but not married to a date for marriage! Wooh! They have been living together for 3 years but have never gotten married because they’re apprehensive about it but they agreed to a date and hopefully we’re going to set a baptismal date soon! (They are the parents of Victoria and the woman is the daughter of Patricia.)

I love you all so much and am so grateful, once again, for all the love and support! And sorry again if I haven’t gotten to your email. Sometimes they get lost in translation too, so if it’s been a long time and I haven’t responded, yell at me or resend the email haha. I hope you all have a fantastic week(: 

Hermana Eyring

PS - I tried to send a video so you could remember my voice but the file is too big. :(

Patricia's baptism!

Our amiga Gaby. She is in our stake and preparing for a 
mission and loves coming with us to appointments.

Our classic "in the font" picture. (:

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