Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Don´t have a quote of the week...


Well exactly 6 months from today I'll be home so that's kinda weird...

The other day I saw someone wearing a Maple Valley Pony T-shirt so that was super weird and cool and just thought I'd share...

Random people are recognizing me from my other areas... At church this lady came up to me and was like "were you in Loma Florida? I recognized you by your hair." and I had only met her like once. Then the other day we had to wait outside this restaurant/bar thing to take the camión to another part of our area and this group of guys called for me then asked me "Are you from Serdan?" I said "No but I was there for some time." And they were like oh yeah we recognized you from there. Then they offered me a drink and dinner... hahaha. It's definitely a small world after all.

Last Monday night we got massages from a member in our ward so that was awesome and I super needed it.

We have a couple new families of investigators from this week so we're super excited to start teaching them more and I'll keep you all updated on how it goes with them!

The ward leaders have been recognizing how hard we've been working and they mentioned it in ward council so it's nice to be seeing the "fruits of our labors." This is definitely a hard work but it's super worth it and we're excited to keep helping the ward. (:

When you're a missionary, SO many people tell you about all different kinds of problems they have. Some of them are such heavy burdens that we actually feel it when they talk to us about it. I was thinking the other day, "How is it that we are so happy as missionaries when we hear so many things that people go through?" If this church and gospel weren't true, we would NOT be able to handle hearing all of those things because we would just get super depressed and weighed down. The Atonement of Jesus Christ and the knowledge and hope that the gospel brings is the thing that buoys us up and makes us happy despite everything. I know that this church is true and I have had so many experiences that prove it even more to me. I love being a missionary and helping other people come to the truth. (:

Have a wonderful week, I love you all!

I'm super sunburned so don't mind me... 
Making pizza with our investigators!

The pizza turned out super good(:

Hey super cool grafitti....

"Sí, esa es otra característica de los gatos... los dientes"

Hi friends.

I don't have a lot to talk about this week sorry...

Today we have the whole P-day free and don't have to do proselyting because we had our 3 month interviews with the Mission President. It was our first interviews with President Nelson and they went well! Him and his wife are super nice. (:

In the morning we made flour tortillas from scratch and hung out with a family in our ward, then we went to the interviews in the mission office and hung out there for a while. Then we went to this super nice mall in our area. Ahhh it looks so much like Southcenter and I'm so excited to go shopping when I get back. (; But I felt so awkward walking through the mall as a missionary...

We got a new ward mission leader for this month and he's super ready to work hard and we have so much work to do to lift up this area but we're excited! I think this is gonna be the hardest I've worked in the mission cause we have a lot to do! But we're excited. (:

I JUST found out that Boyd K Packer died 10 days ago and now I'm sad and feel super out of the loop and everyone was laughing at my reaction in the offices because I was the only person who didn't know. WHAT? Now I just want to know who the 2 new Apostles are going to be.

There's a talk from this session of General Conference that's called "Is it Still Wonderful To You?" by Gérald Caussé and it's super good and definitely something that all members should read and think about. The gospel is amazing and should always amaze us. But sometimes we get caught up in the routine and forget to notice the small beauties and miracles that exist in our every day lives. Read the talk!

Well that's pretty much it for this week! Hope you all have a great one(:
Hermana Eyring

Not sure if I look scared or happy but I was on a swing for 
the first time in forever so I was happy(:

I love the new Arizona design (seriously, I have no good pictures from this week sorry...)

Don't have like any pictures from this week so here's a nice 
pic of a sophisticated looking kangaroo from last monday

Monday, July 6, 2015

Little boy at the zoo says to me: "*gasp* Estoy enamorado de ti." (I'm in love with you)


So I usually have a little notebook I bring with me to write my weekly email that has all the things I want to talk about but I forgot it...So I don't really know what to say.

Today we went to this zoo called "African Safari" with some people our age from church and it is the biggest and coolest zoo of my life. We were there forever because there are sooo many things to do. First you start out driving (in your own car) and you follow this path that leads you through a bunch of different habitat type things and there are tons of wild animals like giraffes, zebras, elephants, monkeys, etc. just chillin and wandering around without cages. Then there are different stopping points where you get out of your car and look at caged habitats or things like the butterfly room and bird room. It was the coolest thing ever. I took TONS of pictures but I don't have room to send them all and it would take too long... but I sent a few. (:

On Thursday we had a special conference with our new mission president! His name is President Nelson and him and his wife are great! I think I'm gonna like them a lot. They're really easy going and funny too. So I'm not as worried as I was to get a new president. (: When they first walked in we were all sitting there and him and his wife went through and had every missionary stand up and introduce themselves. The first thing the President said to me was "Hermana Eyring... famous name." -___-

Worst part of my week: MOSQUITOS. They are eating me alive and guess what I discovered? I'm allergic to the ones here. All my bites have swollen up super huge. Some of them to almost the diameter of a tennis ball. :( And they itch like CRAZY at every moment, especially walking in the hot sun. And we literally tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the itch. The thing that ended up working was putting lime on them, and clear nail polish. Oh and lots of prayer too... haha.

It has been raining a ton and super hard this week. The other day we had to find refuge in a random tienda and we were seriously there for almost an hour waiting and it was raining super hard and the street was a river and we didn't have jackets or anything. People literally take of their shoes and roll up their pants to cross the street because it's impossible not to get soaked!

A plus of this area is that we know lots of people with different business so we always get free food and such and it's great.

Well that's pretty much all I can remember. We're in an internet cafe that's playing pure 80's music from the US so that's cool too... hahaha

Love and miss you all.  Have a lovely week!

Hermana Eyring

First boy that's given me a flower in... forever.

Lost my nametag and had to make one out of paper :(

Monkeys climbed onto the car when we were passing through African Safari.

They have Emus just strollin around and one I'm pretty sure wanted to kill us.

Cute little monkey I was playing with.

Bird Sanctuary thing

*First thing strange man I just met says to me* "Entonces Hna Eyring cuantos novios has tenido... 50? 60?"

Hi friends!

Thanks for the birthday wishes last week... you're all awesome! (:

Fun fact: as we were walking to the internet cafe a big bus sped through a huge puddle and splashed us and now I'm soaking wet so that's fun.

I hate saying goodbye :( You know you've been in an area too long when people cry because you're leaving... It was super sad and hard but that's okay I know I'll see them again someday!

TRANSFERS: Well the transfers meeting was super awesome because the WHOLE mission was invited and it was crazy. Okay results: My area is called Juárez and it's literally part of downtown Puebla and the mission offices are in our area so that's awesome. Oh and remember that Starbucks I was so happy to go to? Yeah it's in my area too! The area is HUGE. It used to be 3 different areas but they put it all together into 1. It should probably be a driving area... haha. My companion is Hermana Juvera! We were in the same ward & district in Serdan for 2 transfers (when she was in her training) so we're happy to be together. (: She has 6 months in the mission and is from Chihuahua, Mexico. Also for the first week we were in a Trio and our other companion was Hermana Larsen who was supposed to go home a transfer before me but she had bad knee problems so she had to go home. :( But it was awesome being in a Trio for a while! 

I love my area and my ward. Everyone is super nice here and there are already families who I love to be around and feels like we've known each other forever. It's gonna be a good transfer. (:

There's actually a decent amount of people here that speak English (still with an accent but understandable) so everyone tries talking to me in English and it makes me feel super weird cause I'm completely forgetting English and don't know how to have a conversation...

We kinda share a ward (they cover 2 wards so they aren't there all the time) with one of the 2 senior missionary couples in our ward, Elder and Hermana Arellano. They're the sweetest and best people ever and I love them. They're so lucky cause their rules are so much different than ours,  but it's super fun to have them around.

Now that I'm in an area people always ask me how much time I have in the mission and when I tell them I have 11 months they're all like "ooooh ya se va hermana" (like ohhh yep you're basically almost home) and it makes me feel so weird... The time seriously goes by SO fast!

Well that's pretty much it... Sorry I'm kinda boring this week and don't have like any time to write...

Love and miss you all!
Hermana "Aire" (the name a family here put for me)

All 3 of us have been companions with each other(: Hermana Mendoza & Hermana Sellers

Super bad picture and our noses look super wierd but yeah 
last picture with President and Hermana Christensen :(

One of the converts we teach has parrots and a Tucan, I'm obsessed.

What happens when you forget to put on your nametag and a 
senior missionary lends you theirs as a substitute.

My new best friend Santi