Wednesday, July 22, 2015

"Sí, esa es otra característica de los gatos... los dientes"

Hi friends.

I don't have a lot to talk about this week sorry...

Today we have the whole P-day free and don't have to do proselyting because we had our 3 month interviews with the Mission President. It was our first interviews with President Nelson and they went well! Him and his wife are super nice. (:

In the morning we made flour tortillas from scratch and hung out with a family in our ward, then we went to the interviews in the mission office and hung out there for a while. Then we went to this super nice mall in our area. Ahhh it looks so much like Southcenter and I'm so excited to go shopping when I get back. (; But I felt so awkward walking through the mall as a missionary...

We got a new ward mission leader for this month and he's super ready to work hard and we have so much work to do to lift up this area but we're excited! I think this is gonna be the hardest I've worked in the mission cause we have a lot to do! But we're excited. (:

I JUST found out that Boyd K Packer died 10 days ago and now I'm sad and feel super out of the loop and everyone was laughing at my reaction in the offices because I was the only person who didn't know. WHAT? Now I just want to know who the 2 new Apostles are going to be.

There's a talk from this session of General Conference that's called "Is it Still Wonderful To You?" by Gérald Caussé and it's super good and definitely something that all members should read and think about. The gospel is amazing and should always amaze us. But sometimes we get caught up in the routine and forget to notice the small beauties and miracles that exist in our every day lives. Read the talk!

Well that's pretty much it for this week! Hope you all have a great one(:
Hermana Eyring

Not sure if I look scared or happy but I was on a swing for 
the first time in forever so I was happy(:

I love the new Arizona design (seriously, I have no good pictures from this week sorry...)

Don't have like any pictures from this week so here's a nice 
pic of a sophisticated looking kangaroo from last monday

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