Monday, December 14, 2015



Well since I'm in my last transfer, today I got to go back and visit my first area in the mission, Loma Florida (in Tlaxcala)! I got to see some of my converts and one of my favorite families there and it was awesome. (: It was so surreal to be there after a whole year and I didn't want to leave! It seemed like time had barely passed since I last saw them. (:

Well my new companion is Hermana Cupul! She's from Playa del Carmen (by Cancun) and has 14 months in the mission. We've already had a lot of fun together this week and I'm happy to have her as my last companion! And guess who's in my district now!? Hermana Sellers, my MTC companion!! Finally haha, we're super pumped. (:

Not too much happened this week. We have a new investigator who's the grandma of a recent convert here and she's so sweet! It's hard for her to leave the traditions and religion that she's had her whole life, but we know she's gonna accept the gospel. (:

We broke our house key the other day... literally it broke in half when we tried to open the door. Don't ask me how it happened, cause I have no idea...hahaha. 

Our biggest issue with investigators in the ward right now is getting them married!! There are so many people who live together and aren't married and it's a struggle figuring out everything they need to do to get married. Pray for them! (:

This weekend was the dedication for the Tijuana Temple and it was so beautiful. Just like the Mexico City Temple dedication, I felt the spirit SO much and even more testimony that this is THE true church with the fullness of Christ's gospel. I'm so sure of it that there isn't room for doubt in my mind. (:

I love this work and I love Puebla/Tlaxcala. It's sooo beautiful here and I'm so thankful for all the people I love here!

Have a great week(:

Hermana Eyring

Hermana Cupul, my very last companion!

Let it snow let it snow let it snow(:

Familia Olivo(: So amazing to see them.

Missed these kids so much(:

Familia Mendez, my Loma Florida favorites(:

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Final Countdown

Hello friends!

Well... tomorrow I officially start... my LAST TRANSFER. WHAT?

I'm going to finish my mission here in Aquiles Serdan!!! But my companion has transfers. :( So tomorrow I'll get my last companion of my mission, wow...

This week has been kind of hard and we've been seeing lots of trials. A lot of the investigators that we had aren't progressing or are we aren't finding them anymore which makes us sad. Especially because since me and my comp are both finishing our missions we feel super worn out and discouraged lately. But we keep trying and trying and I know the Lord will bless us for our efforts. He is always testing and trying us but He is also always blessing us when we do what he asks. His whole purpose is our happiness and that we can live with Him again!

I don't have much to say about this week but I'm very thankful for the families here who I love so much and who give us "animo!"

We had Stake Conference Saturday and yesterday and Elder Mirón from the quorum of the 70 spoke and I liked it a lot! I definitely was thinking a lot about the future and what I'm going to do when I get home!

I'm learning how to sew...wooh! Haha. We have a less active member who is a seamstress and she always has a TON of work and she always puts us to work to help her. 

I love Christmas season! It's definitely not the same away from home but last night watching the annual Christmas Devotional I felt the Christmas Spirit even more. (: Something I've been learning is about the importance of service. Christ gave his whole life for us in an act of infinite love and service and the least we can do is help those in need.

Sorry this email is so short, I don't have too much to say. But I'll update you on who my new companion is and if anything exciting happens next week. (:

Love you and miss you all!

Sierra with some missionary friends.

Last District Meeting of the transfer!

Using Elder Jarman as a measuring stick...hahaha.

"Ya enseñaron el alfabeto, los ACD´s?" "ABC´s..." "Ah ya lo cambiaron?"


Well this week was super busy!

On Tuesday we had our big 3 month Zone Conference and me and my comp realized it was our last one in our mission. WHAT? Sooo crazy! We always leave inspired after zone conferences. (:

Our play on Friday was a success wooh!! There were tons of investigators that went and everyone said they loved it and felt the spirit too. Yay! Can I be an actress now? (;

I love Christmas season and we're in the Christmas choir in our ward and I'm so happy and I realized one of my new favorite Christmas hymns is "Away In A Manger" especially the last 2 verses. It's so beautiful!!

Lately we have been having to go to this super nice hospital for my companion because they're doing tests on her and stuff. They have a Krispy Kreme and Starbucks there and I feel like I'm in a different world when I'm there. I love going to the "fresa" parts of Puebla. (:

Miracles happen! And God loves us. I'm so sure of that and I wish everyone else could be too.

I love and miss you all!!

Hermana Eyring

We deserve Krispy Kreme after doctor's visits(:

Gonna miss my compañera :(

Before the play!

My last big Zone Conference in the mission...ahhh. (Zona La Libertad)

"Misión Mexico Pollo Norte"


This was a great week!!

Today we had a zone activity and I learned that I'm a pro at catching footballs. (Working on my throwing too(; ) and that I love burritos.

New investigators wooh! I'll keep ya posted but baptisms are on the way(:

Our English classes are going well! Theres always new people and now the class is mostly investigators. And they actually learn a lot so that's cool. It's super hard teaching English but I love helping people learn it!

Hermana Herrera and I celebrated our Sweet 16 this week...wooh! Haha, yeah we have 16 months in the mission so we're super old. ;)

There are lots of crazy people in this world and one of those is our new investigator and we think he wants to like put spirits in us or something, it's great.

Me, my comp, and the Elders all had to give talks this week and I realized that I've turned into the world's fastest talk writer...haha. That'll come in handy! (:

Everyone needs to read the poem "The Race." I'm not sure who it's by but it's about a little boy running a race. My mission president gave it to me on Saturday and I know it helped me a lot and will probably help some of you too. (:

This week I have been feeling God's love for me SO much. One of my biggest struggles in life has been my self esteem and I've realized it more being here. But with the help of my mission president, my companion, lots of prayer and God, I'm progressing so much and learning to love myself and it just testifies to me even more that I needed to come on a mission. There are so many things that I've learned here that I probably would have never learned if I hadn't made the decision to go on a mission. I have had so much heavenly help in these 16 months and I am so grateful for my Heavenly Father. THE MISSION IS THE BEST!

Have a wonderful week. I love you all. (:

Hermana "Ingrig"(how many people pronounce my last name here)

The coke bottle says "Abre Tu Corazón." "Hey but that's against the mission rules!!"

If Elder Del Angel is in your zone, you will alway have gopro selfies haha

Zone activity selfies

Celebrating our Sweet 16 in La Comida. Wooh! Haha

"Hermana Herrera escuché una canción que me recordó de usted" "Cuál?" "Morena mía" "....."


This week was pretty uneventful so I don't really have much to talk about.

Today we went to this place in San Martín, Texmelucan called Chautla. It's soo pretty and reminded me so much of the lakes in Washington! It's this big place with a big lake surrounding a little castle and they have little hikes around the border of it and I loved it. (:

When ward members give you Mole Poblano 4 times in the same week, don't think you'll escape from getting sick after the 4th time. Throwing up in the church bathroom is great! ;) 

More people are going to our English classes! On Wednesday we had 4 investigators there... wooh, and more people are telling their friends about it. Our ward mission leader put a sign outside of the church that says "Clases de inglés gratis! Profesores Americanos" me and Elder Jarman were like what?? Best professors around... haha.

I think I mentioned last week the play we're gonna do for a ward missionary activity about the war in the heavens... Yeah so I thought I was just gonna be the leader of the good "hosts" but now that we've been practicing it, I have the most to do out of everyone. What? I'm the worst actress I know... wish me luck!

Martín keeps going to church and we're still hopeful for his baptism on the 28th! Now we're just working on getting new investigators to progress.

Well that's pretty much it. Have a great week, I love you all!

Hermana Eyring

Chautla was beautiful!

Mejía Rosete family(: Our family away from home.


On top if the castle.

When I get distracted during companion study...

 Practicing for the play last night and this huge monster crawls in.