Monday, December 14, 2015



Well since I'm in my last transfer, today I got to go back and visit my first area in the mission, Loma Florida (in Tlaxcala)! I got to see some of my converts and one of my favorite families there and it was awesome. (: It was so surreal to be there after a whole year and I didn't want to leave! It seemed like time had barely passed since I last saw them. (:

Well my new companion is Hermana Cupul! She's from Playa del Carmen (by Cancun) and has 14 months in the mission. We've already had a lot of fun together this week and I'm happy to have her as my last companion! And guess who's in my district now!? Hermana Sellers, my MTC companion!! Finally haha, we're super pumped. (:

Not too much happened this week. We have a new investigator who's the grandma of a recent convert here and she's so sweet! It's hard for her to leave the traditions and religion that she's had her whole life, but we know she's gonna accept the gospel. (:

We broke our house key the other day... literally it broke in half when we tried to open the door. Don't ask me how it happened, cause I have no idea...hahaha. 

Our biggest issue with investigators in the ward right now is getting them married!! There are so many people who live together and aren't married and it's a struggle figuring out everything they need to do to get married. Pray for them! (:

This weekend was the dedication for the Tijuana Temple and it was so beautiful. Just like the Mexico City Temple dedication, I felt the spirit SO much and even more testimony that this is THE true church with the fullness of Christ's gospel. I'm so sure of it that there isn't room for doubt in my mind. (:

I love this work and I love Puebla/Tlaxcala. It's sooo beautiful here and I'm so thankful for all the people I love here!

Have a great week(:

Hermana Eyring

Hermana Cupul, my very last companion!

Let it snow let it snow let it snow(:

Familia Olivo(: So amazing to see them.

Missed these kids so much(:

Familia Mendez, my Loma Florida favorites(:

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  1. From your pictures, it appears that you are enjoying your time in Mexico (even if you broke your house key!). Mission work is extremely important and rewarding. My wife and I recently spent time in Guatemala for mission work and the experience changed our lives. It certainly appears from your writing and pictures that this will happen for you as well. Nothing is more rewarding than the smiles on the faces of those that you help.