Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Esque tiene su quinta seña cosa" "Quinceañera..." "Si, contraseña" -Elder Jarman

Hola amigos!

Well the weeks are going by way too fast and I'm forgetting English more than ever...

Today we had a double district activity and played "minute to win it" games...wooh!

On Tuesday night we had a big FHE (Family Home Evening) with members in the ward and some less active members and investigators. We had SO much fun and I realized that I'm in love with the game Jenga.

Our church tours have been awesome. There are few days when nobody wants to go in but that's okay. The other night we had an appointment with one of our investigators outside the church and a woman that had entered in the church tours the other week saw us from the bus, so she got off the bus to come talk to us again! She's not from our area but we know some day she's gonna get baptized.

We have a new investigator that's not actually too new because missionaries taught him before but he still needs a few more of the lessons and he can't get baptized yet cause he's not married with the mom of his kids that he lives with. But yeah he started listening again and he has a baptismal date for November 28th! Pray so his wife says they can get married!! Oh, his name is Martín.

Welp, I don't have much more to talk about! Me and my companion are just realizing that we're now in the 10 week countdown...ahhh...what? Where is the time going?

Love and miss you all!

Hermana Eyring

Crickets... yum!

My comp dared me to stand under a big stream of water falling from the sky.

Pepito attacking me and breaking my back DX

Gosh dang it construction workers!

"Mira mamá, a ti te hice así, un pavito. Y voy a hacer tu cara de bruja y ojos chillones."

Feliz Día de Muertos!

It's been an interesting week that started badly and ended super good. (: 

Today the young men and their leaders invited us and the Elders to play soccer and volleyball with them and it was super fun. We were there just hanging out, playing and getting burned all day so it was a pretty well spent p-day...haha.

On Tuesday was the Transfers Meeting! Even though we didn't have transfers we went because we did our special musical number. I don't think I've ever been more nervous in my life and in the video I look like I'm suffering...hahaha but apparently it sounded good!

On Wednesday we started English classes and I realized I have no idea how to teach a language. Help me!!

On Friday we had a ton of success in the church tours. 8 people went inside and let us show them around and give them a little lesson. All of them said they wanted to come back and see how it's like when everyone's there! The sad thing is though that none of them are from our area. :( But one of them belongs to the Elder's area so we introduced him to them and now he's a new investigator and we're so happy! I definitely learned what it is to have an "eye single to the glory of God."

On Sunday in pretty much all our lessons we met and taught family members of less active members and recent converts and it was awesome! We're hoping to progress with them and it was definitely a miracle that we met them.

Fasting is awesome. This weekend I really saw how willing the Lord is to give us specific blessings when we ask for them and do our part to obtain them.

God is good, the gospel is good, life is good(:
Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Eyring

Get it... Cause I'm Sierra... and I'm white...

Happy Día de Muertos!

Instructions on the back of a fake nail kit... They conquered 
English that's for sure! ;)

When you don't have a volleyball net, do as the Mexicans do 
and invent something.

Selfie of my future husband Pepito

Fun Fact: A man on the street yesterday told me I have "the face of Jesus"...


Well something I forgot to mention: Transfers are tomorrow! Luckily, for the first time in 6 months me AND my companion both don't have transfers, wooh!! We're super happy(: But we're going to the transfers meeting anyways for our special musical number.

Today we went to this really pretty place called Zacatlan! We saw waterfalls and hiked and took tons of pictures. It was awesome! On the way there we had to pass through Apizaco so I was soo close to my first area...ahh. Now we're super tired but it was a worth while trip. (:

WOOOOH, Janett got baptized on Saturday!!! Lots of members went and us and the Elders sang a special musical number and also the Young Men sang a musical number. As she got out of the font me and my comp were ready at the door with her towel and we made a dumb joke and she just started laughing so hard. She almost never laughs like that and you could see the joy shining through her face. She said she was so happy!! Then on Sunday we invited President Nelson to come do her Confirmation. (He did her baptismal interview so he got to know her a bit). It was such a great weekend. (: Oh, and Janett is going to the Temple with the ward on Saturday to do baptisms and we're so excited for her!

The other day I commented to our ward mission leader that maybe we could start doing English Classes to get new investigators and he was like "oh yeah I'll mention it in Ward Council" then on Sunday they announced that starting Wednesday at 7pm we're having english classes and I was like WHAT?! I'm so nervous because I'm forgetting English so how am I supposed to teach it? And the other American elder in our ward has transfers so I'll probably have to teach alone... wish me luck!

This week I've had lots of prayer experiences and I am so thankful for the opportunity to pray and help my faith grow through these simple daily miracles. (: Prayer works!

Have a wonderful week, I love you all(:

Happy Halloween!

Today in Zacatlan!

Fun after district meetings.

After Janett's confirmation (: 

President and Hermana Nelson(:

Our Zone Leaders that we share a ward with!

Before Janett's baptism!!!

More Zacatlan!