Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fun Fact: A man on the street yesterday told me I have "the face of Jesus"...


Well something I forgot to mention: Transfers are tomorrow! Luckily, for the first time in 6 months me AND my companion both don't have transfers, wooh!! We're super happy(: But we're going to the transfers meeting anyways for our special musical number.

Today we went to this really pretty place called Zacatlan! We saw waterfalls and hiked and took tons of pictures. It was awesome! On the way there we had to pass through Apizaco so I was soo close to my first area...ahh. Now we're super tired but it was a worth while trip. (:

WOOOOH, Janett got baptized on Saturday!!! Lots of members went and us and the Elders sang a special musical number and also the Young Men sang a musical number. As she got out of the font me and my comp were ready at the door with her towel and we made a dumb joke and she just started laughing so hard. She almost never laughs like that and you could see the joy shining through her face. She said she was so happy!! Then on Sunday we invited President Nelson to come do her Confirmation. (He did her baptismal interview so he got to know her a bit). It was such a great weekend. (: Oh, and Janett is going to the Temple with the ward on Saturday to do baptisms and we're so excited for her!

The other day I commented to our ward mission leader that maybe we could start doing English Classes to get new investigators and he was like "oh yeah I'll mention it in Ward Council" then on Sunday they announced that starting Wednesday at 7pm we're having english classes and I was like WHAT?! I'm so nervous because I'm forgetting English so how am I supposed to teach it? And the other American elder in our ward has transfers so I'll probably have to teach alone... wish me luck!

This week I've had lots of prayer experiences and I am so thankful for the opportunity to pray and help my faith grow through these simple daily miracles. (: Prayer works!

Have a wonderful week, I love you all(:

Happy Halloween!

Today in Zacatlan!

Fun after district meetings.

After Janett's confirmation (: 

President and Hermana Nelson(:

Our Zone Leaders that we share a ward with!

Before Janett's baptism!!!

More Zacatlan!

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