Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Ey güerita hace tiempo que no nos vemos... hey!... HEY!... MORMONAS!" -some drunk guy

An awesome week here in Aquiles Serdan(:

If you haven't realized... exactly 3 months from today I'll be in the mission home for my LAST night in the mission. I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE! :(

This week we had 5 new investigators with a ton of potential! One of them is Eliud. He's 9 years old and really wants to be baptized but his dad is a practicing Catholic and doesn't want him to. So we're working with that but he's awesome and understands the gospel so well! Another one of them is a man named Julio. He was so excited yesterday when we gave him a Book of Mormon because he said he thinks that in it he's going to find everything he's been looking for. Wooh! Yeah he is. (:

My companion and I have been "ponderizing" ("meditizando" en spanish) (pondering and memorizing) scriptures and our scripture for this week is Alma 7:23. If you haven't already picked a scripture for this week, ponderize this one with us. (:

On Friday we had a special conference with President about obedience and changing the "culture of the mission." I think we all left super "animados" and ready to work even harder! President Nelson is awesome and he always is so inspiring!

Yesterday was our ward's Primary Program and it was amazing! The spirit was SO strong and people (including me and my comp) were crying, especially at the end when they sang "Army of Helaman." Man, I  love that song! Kids have such strong testimonies and are such an example!!

Also yesterday President Nelson invited me and my comp to a fireside he had in another stake so I got to see Hermana Perez and Hermana Juvera (2 of my past companions)...wooh! After the fireside, President interviewed Janeth for her baptism because there were a few situations that made it so the interview had to be with him instead of our district leader. She passed the interview and President says she's super awesome!(: Her baptism is gonna be this Saturday and we're pumped!!

In the course of yesterday and today I have seen all 6 of my companions that are still here in the mission so that was a great end/start to my week. (:

Even though I miss everyone a ton, I am NOT ready to almost be going home! I love being a missionary so much and no experience will ever come close to this. Going on a mission is the best decision I could have ever made in my life up until now. I am SO thankful for all the experiences and memories that have shaped and changed me. The worst thing ever is going to be getting released and having to take off my nametag the night I get home. :( But hey, guess I gotta take advantage of the little time I have left!

I love you all(:
Hasta la vista baby(;
Hermana Eyring

I love weekly planning...

A piece of art called "me w/makeup vs. me when I wake up" (;

Family Home Evening w/ the Guerrero family(:

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