Monday, August 31, 2015



Once again I forgot my little book thing where I write what I'm gonna talk about in my emails and my mind always goes blank during email time... oops.

Well today we had a zone activity and played glow in the dark dodgeball so that was interesting. I was the last person standing on my team like twice and it is the scariest thing ever having a bunch of Elders hurling things at you. Then we made hamburgers and they were super good.

We had our 3 month zone conference on Thursday and it was super good! We practiced and learned a ton and it was fun. (: President Nelson is great!

One of the days this week we woke up and we didn't have water. Actually nobody in our apartment building did. So we had to shower at like 2pm in a member's house when they finally got home and it was the worst. You kinda never know when you're gonna wake up without water here...

I had Chiles en Nogada for the first time finally! It's this famous food here in Puebla that they always eat in August and September and it's super good! They use this big chili pepper called Chile Ancho and fill it with chicken, apples, mangos, etc (a bunch of fruit) and this like bbq type sauce then on top they put this cream sauce and pomegranite seeds. It sounds super weird but it's great. 

Yesterday in church it was missionary work themed my companion and I had to give talks as well as our ward mission leader and a guy who just recently got back from his mission. My talk was about conversion. I learned so much from writing it and realized that we ALWAYS need to be working to be really converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have to be willing to give up everything to serve the Lord and accept his will. It's something I definitely need to always be working on, but it's definitely worth it. This week I've been working a lot on trusting more in the Lord and His plan.

This is the best work ever and I'm so happy to be a part of it. (: Sorry I didntt have much to say this week, I'll make up for it next week and I won't forget my little booklet thing... haha.

I love and miss you all(:

Hermana Eyring

After the zone activity today

 Hermana Lopez and Elder Díaz!

Can you find Sierra? 

Sierra's zone with President and Sister Nelson

"Hermana *electric saw noise*" - What the Office Elders always call me


Well I have like nothing to talk about this week. 

Today we had a district activity and played volleyball with water balloons which is really interesting. Then we played soccer and for the first time I didn't get hit in the head/face with the ball... it was a miracle. But I did fall and cut my knee... well it was somewhat of an improvement. (;

We walked SO much this week. We barely had any appointments and the ones we did have all got cancelled so it was kind of a rough week. I don't think my hips and knees have ever hurt so bad!

We're super excited for this week because yesterday at church we passed around a sign up list to all the organizations and a TON of members wrote their names down to come with us to appointments so we organized it all last night and we're gonna be so busy!

Explanation of my subject line: My name (Sierra) means various things in Spanish. One of the meanings is "saw" So the Elders in the offices just love to call me "Hermana Sierra" or "Hermana brrrrrmmm" whenever they see me... haha.

Welp, I love you all and I'll see you sooner than we know it. (: Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Eyring

Super happy because some Elders gave us Paleta Payasos after the special zone conference.

After the district activity today.

I gave the combi driver a $200 bill (in pesos) and he didn't have paper money 
so he gave me ALL my change in coins...

Another district picture.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Será bautizado el 19 de Septiembre?" "Pues ya qué" "Perfecto"

It's been a good week! We're working harder than ever and we're starting to see our work pay off. (:

We have a new investigator named Emilio and he's awesome! He's 70 years old but is super worn down and can barely walk so it's basically like he's 90...haha. He is seriously the funniest old man I have ever met. Whenever we go to visit him he takes like 5 minutes to walk to the window to see that it's us and tell us he's coming. Then he takes like 5-10 more minutes to walk down the stairs and open the door for us. He is always making jokes and it's the best. He lives alone and is super lonely but says he's felt a lot better lately because we've been visiting him and taking church members with us. And he went to church yesterday! It was kind of a challenge for him because he has to take tiny slow steps, so some hermanos from church helped us almost carry him there. Last night he accepted a baptismal date and we're super happy!

Our Mission President's wife Hermana Nelson came with us to a few visits this week and she's great(: She barely knows any Spanish but was willing to bear her testimony and do the best she can. We are so grateful for her and President!

This week we had companion exchanges and I was with Hermana Bullock who was in my ward at BYU so that was fun. We were talking and laughing about BYU and reminiscing about the U.S. She goes home a transfer before me! Also, with her for the first time in my mission, I contacted someone in the street in ENGLISH. We were looking for a street and this girl came up and asked us in perfect English if we needed help. She said she was in Puebla on vacation visiting her family. And we share a message with her and I realized I completely forgot how to have a conversation in English. Even when I talk to American missionaries we talk in Spanglish... haha. I'm going to be SO awkward when I get back... sorry in advance!

On Saturday night my companion got sick and started throwing up in the street and those that know me know that if I see someone throw up, I start gagging too. So I'm super thankful we had a member with us cause I don't know what I would have done! We took her the member's house and the Bishop (who's a medic) and his wife went over and helped us with her. That was the first time any of my companions have gotten stomach sick (usually I'm the one who gets sick) and now I feel so bad for my companions who've had to deal with me sick... haha. I'm surprised I didn't get sick too from all we ate.

MIRACLES HAPPEN! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve and put my complete trust in the Lord. He will never mislead us! Even though sometimes we don't understand His will, he understands and knows everything that we need to experience to make us better and help us progress.

Have a wonderful week, and don't forget to smile. (:


Hermana Eyring

We didn't take many pictures this week so here's a selfie of us today in 
our favorite little restaurant where they always let us eat for free. :)

El "Pópo" Volcano that is right outside Puebla. It has small eruptions all the time.

Monday, August 10, 2015

"Hermana Eyring: La Güera Poblana"

Hi guys,

So once again I forgot to bring my little booklet where I write everything I want to say in my weekly emails... and I don't remember anything I was gonna say. So sorry!

At the transfers meeting it was awesome because I got to see all of my companions that are still in the mission(: But my trainer Hermana Lopez went home and I'm so sad!

My new companion is Hermana Lopez (another Lopez haha) and she's from Bolivia! She has 14 months in the mission (she goes home a transfer before me) and she's awesome! She's such a hard worker and we've been seeing miracles. And guess what? Hermana Juvera is with Hermana Perez (one of my old companions) now! The 3 of us were together in the same ward in Serdan and now the 3 of us have all been companions... haha what a coincidence.

We're working a lot with the teaching records of old investigators so we've been spending a ton of time this week looking for these people! So far we've found a couple of them and set appointments with them for this week so we'll see how that goes. (:

It has been raining super hard this week. And something I'm realizing is that here EVERY time it rains there's thunder and lightning. But like to the extreme. It's awesome but scary when we're outside...

On Saturday night we had a stake mission activity about the Book of Mormon and it was great! For being a stake activity not many people showed up. Almost all of us missionaries from the stake were there but almost none of our investigators came so that was sad, but we still enjoyed it a lot! The Book of Mormon is SO true and it literally answers whatever questions you have. (Trust me, I've tried it!)

Sorry I don't remember anything else! I love this work and even though I get homesick sometimes, I'm super happy to be here. Being a member of Christ's true church is the biggest blessing I could ever have and it's amazing being able to help people come to the truth and change their lives. I know that God lives and loves us, and that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I also know that Satan exists and he will do anything to try and push us off the path (or keep us from starting on the path) that leads to eternal life.

I love and miss you all. Have a wonderful week filled with miracles. (:

Saying bye to Hermana Juvera :( Sorry about the tears.

Love my area!

What we do to find new investigators.

Just taking a break in the bushes :)

Playing with the props in the Book of Mormon activity.

This was taken at Transfers when Sierra was introduced to her new companion.

A replica of the golden plates! Don't let their fakeness fool you...they weigh a TON.

"If you judge someone, you have not time to love them" -Our english phrase for the week in the district meeting.

Sorry I don't have much to talk about this week...

Today we had a district activity and made a bunch of different foods. Some of them didn't turn out how we wanted...haha...but it was actually really fun and we pretty much destroyed the kitchen because were there all day. The Elders made a mango pie and it was amazing...

Transfers: Well I'm staying in this area but Hermana Juvera is leaving :( I'm sad and also scared because this area is huge and I still don't know it well enough and don't know all the members yet... ahhh!

This week it has been SO HOT. It hasn't rained at all and we've just been melting the whole week with the heat and the humidity. x( 

Not a ton happened this week but we have an awesome investigator who accepted a baptismal date and he's golden! So we'll see how that goes. Also Roxana (not sure if I've talked about her much) still wants to be baptized but we haven't put a new baptismal date yet because we still have some preparing to do with her.

Also we started teaching a less active woman who literally got baptized and inactivated at the same time. We had a super strong spiritual moment with her and her family (who are active members) who were visiting her. She was crying and saying how much she needs the gospel again in her life and it was awesome. She went to church yesterday and was crying there too.  I think she's been feeling the spirit a ton. She's great!

Welp on Monday I'll update you on who my new companion is! I'm super nervous. Pray for me lots.(:

Love and miss you all a ton!
Have a great week(:

Hermana Eyring

Our district!

My area is pretty(:

Chocolate fudge cake push pop. Best invention.

"Sí y ojalá que prenda el coco" "coco?" "foco"...

I'm sorry but I don't have much to talk about or many pictures to send. (Well I did but it didn't work when I tried to send them to myself.)

Today we went toWalmart and I was so happy because I haven't been in a Walmart in like a year (literally) and they had havarti cheese (my favorite which practically doesn't exist here) and my favorite cereal and they played one of my favorite country songs and they NEVER play country music here. I never knew Walmart could make a person so happy. (;

I saw a big Seahawks logo on the back of a combi so that's cool. Go Hawks!

I realized this week that I do not have enough knowledge of the Bible, so I started reading the it and it's actually super interesting. 

I think animals can feel the spirit too because they always end up following us and walking with us wherever we go so I guess we really are disciples of Christ. (;

This work is super hard and some days you honestly just break down, but at the end of the day it's all worth it because you realize what's really important and also that this is all true. If this church and the Gospel weren't true, there is no way I would still be here far away from my family and friends, speaking a different language and living in a different culture. I love the Gospel and being a missionary and the opportunity we have to help make other people happy. (:

Have a wonderful week. I love and miss you all as always!
Hermana Eyring

All the chickens flocking to Hermana Martinez while we were on exchanges.

A gift from my ward mission leader for my one year mark. Hahaha

Nice view from in front of the church...The Santo Pecado bar. How ironic.