Monday, August 31, 2015



Once again I forgot my little book thing where I write what I'm gonna talk about in my emails and my mind always goes blank during email time... oops.

Well today we had a zone activity and played glow in the dark dodgeball so that was interesting. I was the last person standing on my team like twice and it is the scariest thing ever having a bunch of Elders hurling things at you. Then we made hamburgers and they were super good.

We had our 3 month zone conference on Thursday and it was super good! We practiced and learned a ton and it was fun. (: President Nelson is great!

One of the days this week we woke up and we didn't have water. Actually nobody in our apartment building did. So we had to shower at like 2pm in a member's house when they finally got home and it was the worst. You kinda never know when you're gonna wake up without water here...

I had Chiles en Nogada for the first time finally! It's this famous food here in Puebla that they always eat in August and September and it's super good! They use this big chili pepper called Chile Ancho and fill it with chicken, apples, mangos, etc (a bunch of fruit) and this like bbq type sauce then on top they put this cream sauce and pomegranite seeds. It sounds super weird but it's great. 

Yesterday in church it was missionary work themed my companion and I had to give talks as well as our ward mission leader and a guy who just recently got back from his mission. My talk was about conversion. I learned so much from writing it and realized that we ALWAYS need to be working to be really converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have to be willing to give up everything to serve the Lord and accept his will. It's something I definitely need to always be working on, but it's definitely worth it. This week I've been working a lot on trusting more in the Lord and His plan.

This is the best work ever and I'm so happy to be a part of it. (: Sorry I didntt have much to say this week, I'll make up for it next week and I won't forget my little booklet thing... haha.

I love and miss you all(:

Hermana Eyring

After the zone activity today

 Hermana Lopez and Elder Díaz!

Can you find Sierra? 

Sierra's zone with President and Sister Nelson

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