Monday, September 14, 2015

"Hermano usted es muy fuerte" "De olor o qué?" -Emilio

Well sorry,  I don't have lots of time to write because... 1. We got lost and had to start writing late and 2. The internet went out in the Colonia we're in so yeah...

Today we went to El Centro of Puebla and bought "touristy stuff" since it's almost 15 de Septiembre and we have to dress all Mexicany. (:

The other day my companion had an asthma attack and it was the scariest thing ever. I have never in my life been with someone who was having an asthma attack and she didn't have an inhaler so yeah that was interesting, but I'm pretty sure I'm getting closer to being prepared to be a mom. (; My "motherly" instincts came in pretty nicely. Oh and she's all good now no worries...

We had a Family Home Evening with Emilio the other night and it was really fun. (: It's the 2nd one we've done with him and he loves them. So many members from the ward have been helping us with him and coming with us to visit him! And we changed his baptismal date a little sooner (because of General Conference) and he's being baptized September 26th! Ahhh... I hope I don't get transferred before then!

I love reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. (: I don't know if I already mentioned it but it's my goal to finish it in Spanish before I go home in January. I'm in Alma 19 so far so I still have a ways to go... haha. 

Thinking about the fact that I only have 4.5 months left in the mission is so crazy and I know I'm going to miss it SO much. The experiences of a missionary are one of a kind and life changing. I wouldn't trade it for anything! (:

I hope you all have a wonderful week. (: I'll let you know next week if I have transfers or not!


Hermana Eyring

When you don't have any other pics to send, send a selfie!

Picking Emilio up for church with Hermano Sam (:

Today in El Centro.

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