Sunday, September 27, 2015

"So Elder we tomar the setenta y six?...exactly" - I can't speak English anymore!

Guess what?!!

Well remember my 2nd area, Aquiles Serdan, where I only was for 2 weeks and they changed me? Yeah, I'm here again!! When they announced it in the Transfers Meeting I was super surprised and kinda without realizing yelled out "otra vez!?" I think people were amused with my reaction haha. And I'm opening the area for the 2nd time. OH and this area literally touches my last area Juarez. So close yet so far away... My companion is Hermana Herrera and she's from Monterrey, Mexico. We have the same amount of time in the mission so we go home together. (: She's awesome and we get along super well. We've had tons of fun this week...haha.

Even though I was only here for 2 weeks and it was like 9 months ago, all the members are remembering me and are happy to see me and it makes me so happy! Who knows, maybe I'll finish my mission here!

Today we went to El Centro and bought cute clothes which are sooo much cheaper here than at home, so I took advantage of it. (:

Our house is actually the house I chose with my companion when I was here before, but I never actually got to live there cause they finally moved houses days after I left. SO now I finally get to live here! There's 2 bathrooms which is super convenient but my plumbing sucks so that well, sucks... But don't worry we're getting it fixed. (:

We have an investigator that is awesome! She's so nice but is SO insecure. She has a 6 year old daughter and a 11 year old son who has Down's Syndrome (he's the sweetest person and loves to give kisses on the cheeks but he basically just licks your face...haha). She has been battling with alcohol addiction for some time and has been in rehab like 4 times. But she's been sober for like 3 months now and she really wants to be better. She went to church for the first time yesterday and she said she felt so much peace and it was so beautiful to her! We're going to hopefully put a baptismal date with her tonight so PRAY LOTS for her!! (:

I'm officially in my 3rd to last "transfer," AHHH. That means if I don't finish my mission with this companion I'll probably only have 1 other companion. And it's likely that I finish in this area but if not I'll only have 1 more area!

Sorry I don't have too much to talk about and I promise I'll have more pictures next time!

Love you all(:

Hermana Eyring

In the Transfers Meeting. New comp Hermana Herrera(:

Picture of a small child that makes me happy.

Go Hawks!

Today in part of El Centro.

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