Sunday, August 23, 2015

"Será bautizado el 19 de Septiembre?" "Pues ya qué" "Perfecto"

It's been a good week! We're working harder than ever and we're starting to see our work pay off. (:

We have a new investigator named Emilio and he's awesome! He's 70 years old but is super worn down and can barely walk so it's basically like he's 90...haha. He is seriously the funniest old man I have ever met. Whenever we go to visit him he takes like 5 minutes to walk to the window to see that it's us and tell us he's coming. Then he takes like 5-10 more minutes to walk down the stairs and open the door for us. He is always making jokes and it's the best. He lives alone and is super lonely but says he's felt a lot better lately because we've been visiting him and taking church members with us. And he went to church yesterday! It was kind of a challenge for him because he has to take tiny slow steps, so some hermanos from church helped us almost carry him there. Last night he accepted a baptismal date and we're super happy!

Our Mission President's wife Hermana Nelson came with us to a few visits this week and she's great(: She barely knows any Spanish but was willing to bear her testimony and do the best she can. We are so grateful for her and President!

This week we had companion exchanges and I was with Hermana Bullock who was in my ward at BYU so that was fun. We were talking and laughing about BYU and reminiscing about the U.S. She goes home a transfer before me! Also, with her for the first time in my mission, I contacted someone in the street in ENGLISH. We were looking for a street and this girl came up and asked us in perfect English if we needed help. She said she was in Puebla on vacation visiting her family. And we share a message with her and I realized I completely forgot how to have a conversation in English. Even when I talk to American missionaries we talk in Spanglish... haha. I'm going to be SO awkward when I get back... sorry in advance!

On Saturday night my companion got sick and started throwing up in the street and those that know me know that if I see someone throw up, I start gagging too. So I'm super thankful we had a member with us cause I don't know what I would have done! We took her the member's house and the Bishop (who's a medic) and his wife went over and helped us with her. That was the first time any of my companions have gotten stomach sick (usually I'm the one who gets sick) and now I feel so bad for my companions who've had to deal with me sick... haha. I'm surprised I didn't get sick too from all we ate.

MIRACLES HAPPEN! THE GOSPEL IS TRUE. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve and put my complete trust in the Lord. He will never mislead us! Even though sometimes we don't understand His will, he understands and knows everything that we need to experience to make us better and help us progress.

Have a wonderful week, and don't forget to smile. (:


Hermana Eyring

We didn't take many pictures this week so here's a selfie of us today in 
our favorite little restaurant where they always let us eat for free. :)

El "Pópo" Volcano that is right outside Puebla. It has small eruptions all the time.

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