Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Esque tiene su quinta seña cosa" "Quinceañera..." "Si, contraseña" -Elder Jarman

Hola amigos!

Well the weeks are going by way too fast and I'm forgetting English more than ever...

Today we had a double district activity and played "minute to win it" games...wooh!

On Tuesday night we had a big FHE (Family Home Evening) with members in the ward and some less active members and investigators. We had SO much fun and I realized that I'm in love with the game Jenga.

Our church tours have been awesome. There are few days when nobody wants to go in but that's okay. The other night we had an appointment with one of our investigators outside the church and a woman that had entered in the church tours the other week saw us from the bus, so she got off the bus to come talk to us again! She's not from our area but we know some day she's gonna get baptized.

We have a new investigator that's not actually too new because missionaries taught him before but he still needs a few more of the lessons and he can't get baptized yet cause he's not married with the mom of his kids that he lives with. But yeah he started listening again and he has a baptismal date for November 28th! Pray so his wife says they can get married!! Oh, his name is Martín.

Welp, I don't have much more to talk about! Me and my companion are just realizing that we're now in the 10 week countdown...ahhh...what? Where is the time going?

Love and miss you all!

Hermana Eyring

Crickets... yum!

My comp dared me to stand under a big stream of water falling from the sky.

Pepito attacking me and breaking my back DX

Gosh dang it construction workers!

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