Friday, November 14, 2014

"Hermanas encontramos un perro y queríamos darlo comida. Está en nuestra casa y se llama Daisy" - the Elders

Wow this week was a little bit of a blur. There were lots of upsides and lots of downsides. I’m too lazy to separate the good and the bad so I’ll just mix it all together as usual… ha ha.

* On Monday we had extreme Noche De Hogar (family home evening) at the house of a family of investigators and there were seriously over 20 people in their tiny house. It was super fun and a great way for our investigators to get to know some of the other families in the ward. Every family brought food so we had a TON.

* Everyone keeps telling me I’m going to be a trainer right after I finish MY training in like 4 weeks and I’m super scared.

* Thursday all the Americans had to go to the mission offices for our visas and it was super fun because they took all of us and left our companions and we went to this visa office and we were just talking in English and catching up the whole time. I always like going to the offices because we see so many people and it’s always a party.

* We had Victoria’s baptism on Friday and it was good! Not a ton of people showed up but there were enough and it was a little more personal. The water was super warm which was good because she’s afraid of cold water. We sang a musical number as always and she said she felt really good after! Now we just have to get her parents married and her mom to accept her baptismal date. She says she wants to be baptized but "in God`s time" which is a little frustrating because God’s not going to do it for her!

* I started reading “True To The Faith” in my personal study time and it’s such a good doctrine/principle resource book! Everything in it is so clear and really helps with understanding everything.

* On Saturday Hermana Lopez and I were both having a really hard and frustrating day so we watched the video “Missionary Work And The Atonement” on YouTube and we both bawled. I love that video so much and we really needed it.

* Well here it goes: the highlight of our week....
We have bedbugs. Here they’re called Chinches. Ugh! On Friday we were doing companionship study and I found all these bites on my legs so we looked in my bed and yep, there they were. There’s this pillow that was already here when I got to the mission that I didn`t use so it was always behind my head like against the wall when I slept and on it there were like 20 chinches and I wanted to cry. We killed all the ones we saw and threw away the pillow but we had to leave to go work for the day so we couldn’t really do anything about it. When we came back that night we only found like 1 in Hermana Lopez’s bed so we just slept in our beds in fear and the next morning I woke up with more bites on my legs :( We told some of the members about it and they all told us different things we needed to do to get rid of them so we called our Mission President’s wife (Sister Christensen) to ask her what we should do but she didn’t answer. We got permission from our zone leaders to sleep in the house of the other Hermanas in the zone next to us so we slept there Saturday night. (Their house is SO much nicer than ours and I’m super jealous). Last night we didn’t want to have to go all the way to the Hermanas’ house again to sleep because it’s a really long walk and a hassle at night and early in the morning. One of the members gave us a bunch of blankets to use to sleep on the floor in our house instead of our beds. Finally Sister Christensen called us back and told us what we should do to get rid of the chinches and gave us permission to sleep at our Bishop’s house and we almost cried with happiness. Last night we slept there, tonight we’re sleeping there and tomorrow night as well. Today we had to completely clean our house and fumigate it with this super strong bug spray stuff. We used a whole huge can and a half and it was the worst thing ever. I’m pretty sure I breathed in like a pound of that stuff and almost coughed up a lung. We were both coughing horribly and almost threw up. For a straight hour afterwards our throats were hurting so bad and we were still coughing. Now it feels a lot better but I still have a headache. We have to do the same thing again tomorrow and then hopefully the problem will be solved.

So yep that’s my week! I hope you’re all enjoying the comforts of America because you have it good up there. 

Despite everything I’m still loving being a missionary and my Spanish gets better every day and I like 98% of the food now. (:


Hermana Eyring

Our District for this transfer.

At Victoria's baptism! Her parents Eduardo and Marta are next to me, her grandma Patricia (who we baptized 2 weeks ago) is next to Hermana Lopez. Marlin and Faustino are the 2 kids on the right (Victoria's siblings) and they are the cutest things ever! 

This morning before we almost died fumigating our house.

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