Friday, November 14, 2014

"Tengo un gran idea!!... Sé que hemos hablado de esta para una hora pero sólo quiero que sepan que fue mi idea también"

How is it already November? Well this week was kind of a blur… as usual. Right now we’re in an internet cafe with tons of people and loud music and I can barely focus so sorry if this is all over the place!

* So we’re 90% sure all the chinches are gone... well at least we hope. But I’m still paranoid and check my bed every morning and night because I am not about to let those things back into my life!

* On Thursday we had our interviews with President Christensen (our mission president) and his wife and they were super good! We all think he’s going be an Apostle later in life because seriously everything he says is so inspired. In my interview he told me my Spanish is really good and that I’m a great missionary and off to a really good start. So I guess that’s good right? He also told Hermana Lopez that he’s happy to have 2 such powerful missionaries together (: While we were waiting for our interviews and after our interviews we got to talk with a lot of the Elders from our zone that we never get to see so that was really nice! Also at interviews we got juice and muffins and such. (:

* They celebrate Halloween here too and a bunch of kids dress up and go around asking for candy but it’s much different than the US and it’s kind of sad because nobody ever gives them anything :(

* Here they also celebrate Día de Los Muertos. There’s a lot of stuff that goes on but basically people go visit the graves of their loved ones during the day and at night they have paths of these orange flower petals leading to their houses for the spirits to enter and make their food offerings taste better or something. It’s kind of weird. It’s on both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we were trying to proselyte but there was literally NOBODY in the streets. Even the streets in our area that are usually filled with people. And nobody was home to visit so yeah it was pretty boring.

* Something they have here that I hate: nopales. It’s cactus. Literally. Cactus that’s cooked all mushy and ew I hate it. The other day for La Cominda we literally had nopale with chicken. A tiny piece of chicken smothered in nopales. Hermana Lopez and I almost threw up.

* Me and all the missionaries in our ward are planning a huge "Viaje a Hawaii" activity for the end of this month so in a couple weeks I should have tons of photos. It’s going to be awesome but a lot of work!

-* On Saturday we had La Comida at this family’s house and it was such a humbling experience for me. They live in the middle of nowhere in a shack that’s barely bigger than the size of my room at home. They have 3 little beds and their "kitchen" all in one room and I didn’t see a bathroom so I’m pretty sure it’s just outside, along with their shower. They even had dirt floors. But they were still so happy and so willing to share with us and never complain about anything. It made me really appreciate what I have at home and even in our little mission apartment.

The time has been flying by super fast! I’m almost done with my training and I have like 14.5 months until I see all your wonderful faces(:

I hope you all are doing super good. I pray for you all and think about you all the time! Have a great week. (:

Hasta la próxima semana,

Hermana Eyring

I hate nopales!

Thanks for the blanket-ponchos grandma(:

Our favorite niños on Halloween

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