Monday, January 12, 2015

"Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same"- The Fray

Wow this week has been interesting... I seriously felt like it was my first week in the mission field all over again. New area that I don't know, new companion that I don't know, a ward/members that I don't know. I was super sad and nostalgic and was missing my old area so much. I never thought I'd say it but I actually have been missing my old area more than home (besides my family). (: But yeah I've just been feeling really alone lately but I just need to trust in the Lord more and I know everything will be okay. (:

So now I'll tell you all about Transfers. We waited forever for the bishop to take us to the bus station so when we got to transfers 5 minutes late, they had closed and locked the gates to the church so we had to wait outside with like 6 other missionaries until the meeting was over before we could go in. Needless to say, when they called my companion's name I wasn't there to greet her and give her a hug and I felt SO bad.  :( Also I had to try and figure out what zone and area we were in. My zone is called La Libertad Norte and my area is called Aquiles Serdan 2. (Aquiles Serdan ward) I'm in Puebla like 20 minutes away from the mission offices... and far away from my other area. :(  I really thought I was going to stay in Tlaxcala for longer. Hopefully I get transferred back there soon because I love it there.

My new companion is Hermana Camas (yes, Sister Beds haha) and she's from Yucatan, Mexico. She's 21 years old. She's really sweet and really wants to be a good missionary and work hard. She's just a little shy and I've been trying a lot but we haven't really gotten to be much of close friends yet. I love her though!

My new area is a lot different than before. It's a lot more city-like and the people are a lot harder and closed off. It's smaller than my other area so we never take combis and walk everywhere. We never get to go into a different city or anything like in my other area because the church and everything we need to go to is close. So we pretty much see the same thing every day 5 times a day. :/  The members in our ward have helped us a lot and they are SUPER involved with missionary work. They have helped us a lot since we don't know the area or the people at all, especially the Ward Mission Leader and his wife.

Our 2nd day we got super lost in our area and it took us like an hour to find our house when it was only a 10 minute walk... and we were even with a member haha.

Our house... I never thought I'd say this but I'm pretty sure I liked my other house better. We don't have light in our room and so far I have found a gecko,  a "small" tarantula, and a bunch of cockroaches in our house. But the missionaries that were here before us already had a new house set up so we're just waiting until the person who's gonna rent it to us finds the keys and can show it to us. Pray for us!

Oh fun fact: Elder Estes, one of my friends from my MTC district, is my new district leader so that's pretty cool.

Well I'm pretty sure that's it! I know this next week will be better but I could really use your prayers. You are all awesome and I love and miss you so much. 

Have a wonderful week(:

Hermana Eyring

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