Sunday, January 11, 2015

"Hermano, tiene `Pepto Bismal: 5 problemas, 1 solucion`?"- Elder Carrasco

As I'm writing this my emotions are all over the place guess what? I'm gonna be a mom!!! Okay for the people who don't understand that, it means I'm going to be training a brand new missionary for the next 2 transfers (3 months). Ahhhhh I'm so nervous! I still feel so new and now I have to train someone else. 

On top of that, we have to open an area... which means we are both going to be new in the area and we both aren't going to know anyone or know where anything is and we're basically going to have to start from scratch. WHAT? I don't know how to do that, haha. I still think President made a mistake or something....

So yeah this week has been pretty sad for me because I had to say goodbye to everyone here. I was actually crying in church yesterday saying goodbye. And tomorrow I have to say goodbye to the best district ever and my companion who is like my best friend. :( So yeah, I can't tell if I'm excited or nervous or sad or anxious or all of the above... and I'll have a lottt to update you on next week!

Okay well a couple of the things that happened this week:

* This new member in our ward who just got back from his mission this year invited me and my companion over to do a service project for him and his family on Tuesday. When we got there they put us to work cutting and stripping bamboo to build a chicken house. It was fun but hard under the sun that was super intense that day.

* For New Years Eve, the bishop's family had a party at their house and invited us and it was so fun. Everyone was dancing and laughing and they fed us a super good dinner. We may or may not have stayed a little later than we should have... haha but it was so fun we just couldn't leave. We were happy that we had something to do for New Years instead of just sitting in our house!

* Our investigator Marta has a dog that just had puppies and they are the cutest things ever. The 3 that we like the best we named Sierra, Joel, and Dario (after me and 2 of the Elders in our district who were there). We have gotten to play with them a lot the past few days and I'm in love with them and was so close to trying to send one home (sorry mom...).

Well that's pretty much what happened this week! Keep me in your prayers with this whole being a trainer thing haha. I love and miss you all and hope you had an awesome New Years and that 2015 treats you well(: 

Ciao xoxo,

Hermana Eyring

Beautiful floppy hat that they gave me to keep 
the sun off my head while chopping bamboo.

My friends had a contest to see who could put the most stickers and Hermana Pasten 
and my foreheads. Also the adorable puppy named after me.

I love my district so much! I'm going to miss them like crazy.

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