Monday, January 26, 2015

Guys... I'm Mexican!

Hola amigos!

Well this week was really good! I love the members here and I love my companion and we work really well together! I still don't know how to get anywhere in this area haha, but that's okay. 

Some things from this week:

* All the missionaries in my mission have to fill out this family history pamphlet and while I was filling it out (thanks to all the info my mom and grandma sent to me) I found out that I have family that was born and lived in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Even though I know that in no way does that make me Mexican, I thought it was cool so now I'm telling everyone that I'm part Mexican, hahaha.

* We had our 3 month interviews with our mission president on Wednesday and now I'm super excited to work hard and have success in this area. Interviews with President are the best.

* The other day we went with some church members to visit this woman named Erica. She is 30 something years old and she has this disease where she can't walk and it's really hard for her to make fluid motions and she can barely talk and takes a bit for her to understand things. She lives with her sister who is gone all day at work so she basically lives alone and is in bed all day. We went to go bring her food and had to help her eat it and had to help her go to the bathroom and everything. After we sang hymns to her and she was so happy and sang along. It was such a humbling experience... Wow. She didn't complain about anything and was super happy and smiley despite everything she goes through. She never really goes to church because she can't unless someone takes her. But on Sunday someone brought her to church and we were so happy to see her! But yeah, I'm so grateful to have health and a body and brain that function properly. I didn't realize how much I take that for granted until the other day being with Erica.

*  We have this investigator who's a little person and so is her daughter and they are so cool.  It is awesome teaching them because they have so many questions but then understand everything super well after we explain it.

* The other day I had a 7 year old in a Spiderman costume giving me advice on my life and what type of person I should marry and what I should do with my life after the mission, hahaha. He seriously talks like he's an adult and it's hilarious. And he was telling us all about these girls that are fighting over him and all about his plans for when he grows up. He says he's just gonna work and give the money to his wife so she does everything... hahaha, atta kid!

*  On Friday it was my 6 monthaversary in the mission!! Wooh!! Now I have less than a year left in the mission. The time has seriously gone by so fast and this time next year I'll be home! I'm still loving the mission though(:

Well I hope you all have an awesome week! Remember to be thankful for what you have and who you have in your life. And show a little more love for the people around you(:

Les amo!

Hermana Eyring

Hermana Perez!

One of the little "Pueblitos" in our area. 
We're seriously in the middle of nowhere, haha.

It was really cold and rainy the other day so an 
investigator gave us these huge jackets to wear.

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