Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Oooh está tan feliz por vernos verdad Hermano?" "De hecho no..." "Oh."

I had a page filled with random things I wanted to talk about this week, haha, but we'll see what I remember. This week was filled with so many ups and downs. It was one of the hardest weeks of my mission but also one of the better ones. Okay some random things:

* I love the church members in my area. We laugh so much and have so much fun with them. And this area is growing on me more and more, it's beautiful and I'm happy here!

* Downside to this area: Here I get the most attention I've ever gotten on my mission. We can barely go 5 minutes without guys ages 15 to like 40 making kissing noises or whistling or asking me to marry them. They're gross and it's super annoying. Even the women stare at me, but most of them are just glaring...

* We think we got asked on a date the other day... but we completely rejected them. We contacted these three 21-ish year old guys and they were talking to us for like 10 minutes asking us questions about the church, but then they were like "yeah we don't really want to talk about your church, but we'd love to take you out for soda and elotes when are you free?" We were all excited cause we thought they were interested in the church... yeah, they weren't haha.

* Yesterday I ate Mole de Pansa which is a "soup" of cow stomach... Ewww

* Fun fact: I fall off sidewalks sometimes. Actually a lot. Like 10 times per day. :)

* Here the people are super Catholic and they all worship images and their little statue idols. Everyone carries around baby Jesus dolls in the streets and it's super weird.

We had a really scary experience and really sad experience this week. Through both of them we realized how much Satan wants us to fail and will put anything in our way so we can't bring more people to the truth. We also realized how strong the power of God is and that he will always be there to protect us and help us, if we just ask Him.

Going to BYU and being a missionary makes you realize how awesome it is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am seriously so thankful for the joy that the knowledge of the truth gives me, and the joy I get from seeing people change their lives through it. People mock the church all the time but I couldn't be more thankful to have it in my life. I didn't realize how important it was until being here on a mission. This church is the church of Jesus Christ and it is true. I have no doubt about that and I wish everyone could feel the same happiness that the gospel gives. I know a lot of you aren't members of the church, and if you aren't and want to know what makes it so different and so special, ask me about it. I'm almost an expert at talking about it now. (;

I love and miss you all tons!

Hermana Eyring

Picture from our awesome hike today with the Gutierrez Rossainz family!

Puppets we stole from our Ward Mission Leader, hahaha.

Here everyone eats corn on the cob with mayonnaise, cheese, chili pepper and lemon. 
They're called "Elotes" and I'm in love with them now.

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