Friday, February 27, 2015

"Pleace and luv Hermanas" *holding up peace signs* - Stake Patriarch

Hola amigos! I'm writing a little late today because President gave our district the whole P-day off because there was an activity in Puebla where all the missionaries in our 4-zone area got to watch the movie "Meet the Mormons." So yeah we just got back and are just now writing. So I don't have much time to write aka sorry if I'm not able to get to everyone!

Things from this week:

* Today is my 7 month mark in the mission woooh!

* The other day it rained when there were no clouds and it was the weirdest thing ever and yeah just thought I'd share...

* On Thursday we had a special conference with ALL the sister missionaries in the mission and it was awesome! I got to see so many people. We talked about health and safety and it was actually really fun.

* This week we've been seeing a lot of little miracles:

1. We went to visit a 19 year old girl that we contacted on the street and she actually invited us in (they usually don't). She was really interested and had already read a little bit of the Book of Mormon a while back and she wanted to go to church on Sunday but her mom didn't let her, but we're hoping we'll have a lot of progress with her!

2. The other week there were 2 "jovenes" that we talked to in the street that gave us free pan dulce and they said they were going to go to church the other week. But they didn't go... and we kinda forgot about them cause tons of people do that when they aren't actually interested. But then on Saturday we were walking and all the sudden this guy crossed the street and ran over to us and was like "hey remember me? The bread guy?" and we were like ohhh of course! Then he explained why he couldn't go to church the other week but that he really wanted to this week. So on Sunday he actually went to church! He even wore a tie and everything. And he brought a friend and they stayed all 3 hours and said they felt really good there and want to listen to us and we're super excited to start teaching them!

3. We were walking through the park in the main part of the city and all the sudden this little girl ran up to us and said, "excuse me, my mom says she wants a pamphlet" and we were like wow okay so we followed the little girl over to her mom and her mom told us that she is a member but inactive and she really wants to start living the gospel again but doesn't know how. She said she was super happy when she saw us and so we gave her a "Book of Mormon" because she had lost hers and we exchanged numbers, so hopefully we're going to start giving her the lessons so she can remember everything she's forgotten.

4. The other night we were locked out of our house because the keys weren't working for some reason and we were outside for like 30 minutes trying to get it open. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail because it's kinda personal for me but basically I had a really unique experience with specific prayer and in the exact moment we needed it we were able to open the door and get in our house.

Yeah basically that's all that happened this week! The weeks are going by suuuper fast but I'm loving all of it! Have a super awesome week everyone(:

With love,

Hermana Eyring

Favorite selfie together (:

We had a little bit of fun (:

I'm in love with the sunsets here!

All my missionary agendas I've decorated (there's 2 I didn't decorate)

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