Monday, April 20, 2015

"Ey guerita (cute little white girl), no sé ingles pero sí lo supiera te diría que te amo." - Worst pick up line ever from a construction worker


Well I'm writing a little bit late this week because we had a zone activity 2 hours away in Puebla and we got back a little late! In the zone activity we had parts of the 2 zones in our stake. We played soccer then had a water balloon fight and when we ran out of water balloons we just started filling up buckets with water and throwing them on each other. Yeah, I got super sunburnt and soaking wet but it was definitely worth it haha.

Random things from this week (don't have much time) :

* Well exactly 9 months from today I'll be home... halfway! So that's a fun fact.

* People always call us "little angels" and it makes me feel so happy inside... haha. (:

* I'm again realizing how much I love kids. For whatever reason we have been around a lot of kids this week and they are the best and really we should all learn how to be humble and trust in God like them.

* A member made me eat bone marrow yesterday... Probably one of the strangest things I've eaten in my life.

* Happy moment: Blowing bubbles at almost sunset with "Summer" by Calvin Harris playing in the street... without a care in the world.

* Cool experience: We were at a member's house one day this week and then this lady named Yolanda, that we met once before, (who is not a member of the church) came in to read the emails of her daughter who is on a mission somewhere in Mexico. (She can't read so the members read the emails to her.) We talked with her a little bit then I felt like I should ask her if she had ever wondered what her daughter is doing in the mission and if she wanted to talk to us one day about it and if we could teach her some of the things her daughter is teaching. I said that all of it was beautiful and it would help her. She kinda brushed it off and was like, "yeah maybe another day" (which is what everyone says as an easy way out of not listening... haha.) Then the member opened the email from Yolanda's daughter and almost started crying and said "Wow, it's amazing how the spirit works." Then she read part of the email and it said, "Mom, you should really listen to the missionaries, they will tell you lots of beautiful things that I know will help you." It basically said exactly what I had said a minute earlier. Then Yolanda said, "Well, how about you guys visit me on Thursday and teach me a bit." We taught her a bit and now she's a new investigator. (: It's amazing seeing God's hand in this work and I know he is preparing the hearts of the people here and everywhere.

You should all watch this video because I love it and it really reminds you to focus on the little things that really matter and make us happy in this life:

Well that's pretty much it! It's crazy how fast the time is going by. This transfer is already halfway over! Hope you all have a great week. (:

Hermana Eyring

Can't really tell, but everyone is all wet after the zone activity.

Oh yeah we also made balloon animals in the zone activity...
not quite sure what I made... ;)

Blowing bubbles off the roof. (:

Mateo, Luisy and Damian (:

After our district meeting with the zone leaders this week.

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