Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Tengo que llevar mi shampoo y jabón para mi bautismo?" -Luis

Hey! Well I don't have too much to talk about this week... but on Saturday they told us who has transfers (transfers are tomorrow) and guess what... We DON'T have transfers... what? Hermana Perez and I are staying together for a 3rd transfer in Serdan and it's not very common to have companions together for that long. We're really excited for this transfer and know it's gonna fly by. But we're also pretty sad that we won't be going to the big transfers meeting tomorrow because we have a lot of friends who are leaving and we won't be able to say goodbye. :(

This week:

* Well Luis got baptized on Friday!! It was super awesome and he was so excited. And his super catholic mom (who never wanted to accept us in her house) came! She said she was very happy for him and that she was glad she got to meet us. Everything was great. But then came Sunday, which was supposed to be his confirmation... and he didn't come to church. :(  He told us they had a problem and had to leave Serdan for the day... And he won't be able to be confirmed for 2 weeks because of General Conference this weekend, so that kinda sucks... but we're not gonna get discouraged!

*We're pretty sad about transfers because 5 of the people in our district are getting changed :( 2 companionships are closing their areas and our district leader is getting changed /: So we're sad and anxious to know who the new people in our district are gonna be!

* On Saturday this member who is an English teacher here asked us to come to a presentation that his students were doing. We came and he made me like the center of attention and had me ask questions to all the students in english and then had them ask me questions. They were taking pictures of me and everything it was so weird. I realized that I even get embarrassed speaking english in front of people here haha. It's weird.

* In our district meeting this week we were talking about how essential the Book of Mormon is and how we should be using it more in our contacts in the street, lessons, etc. So we started doing it and it really makes a difference. I love the Book of Mormon so much and I don't understand how people can reject it without even reading about it or learning what it is. It's truly the word of God and a perfect compliment to the Bible. With those 2 books we have all the instructions we need to gain eternal life and happiness.

Well that's pretty much it! I'm super excited for this weekend because it's General Conference. (:

I love and miss you all

Hermana Eyring

Luis and Hermano Zeniff (our ward mission leader)

Hadn't taken an iPhone selfie in a while... a little rusty.

Helping some members set up their "Papeleria."

We seriously eat Elotes almost every day... I think it's an addiction...

Rainy season has definitely started!

Yes chocolate bar, I forgive you.

Luis before his baptism!

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