Monday, September 15, 2014

"I can't think of a creative title for you," Hermana Sellers

Hola amigos!! Okay so I have exactly 20 minutes left to write this email. I was surprised how many emails I had this week! You guys are awesome for emailing me(:

Also, shoutout to Trevor for being the only person besides family to send me a DearElder message. And shoutout to my family for always writing them(: PlEaSe SeNd ThEm because I love getting them. My unit number changed, so now the unit number is 860. Send them send them. It will make my life(:

Okay so anyways. This email is going to be a bunch of random stories mashed into one, Cool? Cool.

Stories of the week:

1. We were doing this thing called "tag team teaching" where 2 people at a time would have to teach our teacher (who was pretending to be an investigator of the church) a lesson in front of the whole class. At one point it got super spiritual and it was kind quiet, and one of the Elders in my district got up to go to the bathroom. There are 2 doors in the bathroom and everyone knows that you have to close both doors so that people can't hear you doing your business. Elder Evans forgot to close the 2nd door and he started peeing and it was SO LOUD and everyone could hear it and we were trying so hard not to laugh but then finally the teacher cracked and started laughing and none of us could control ourselves. I guess you kinda had to be there but it was SO funny and he was so embarassed when he came out hahaha.

2. One of the rules here is that the Hermanas can't be in the Elders' apartments and vice versa. SO the other night our zone leader Elder Leavitt (who me and Hermana Sellers are super close with) wanted to show us pictures of his girlfriend and family so at like 9:45 pm after class we went to his apartment building (which is right across from ours) and were at the bottom of the stairs looking at his pictures, and a bunch of other elders were out there with us. All the sudden a branch president (bishop) came and started yelling at us and saying we were breaking rules and stuff and we were so scared because breaking the rules is a big deal here. Me and Hermana Sellers ran home and he was still talking to the Elders and we were like crap, this is it. We're going home. But the next morning they said all is well so we were good but yeah it was scary. I learned my lesson.

3. I don't have time to explain the story well but Hermana Sellers and I were looking for a certain mormon message to watch but the link took us to the wrong video. We decided to watch it anyways and I'm so glad we did! It's called "Wrong Roads" and is based on a talk by Jeffrey R Holland. (everyone go watch it, it's so good). We watched it and it was so great because it was exactly what I needed to hear, and yeah, it gave me a whole new perspective on things.

My new favorite thing is watching Mormon Message videos. Most of you aren't mormon so let me explain. They don't really talk about mormon stuff, it's mostly just general about God and cool stories and stuff and they're awesome. EVERYBODY GO WATCH THIS ONE: I don't care if you're mormon or not, watch it. It's called “The Hope of God's Light.” It's so cool.

On Sunday my district had to sing a musical number during Sacrament for everyone in the zone. It was so scary especially because it's a song with girl parts and guy parts and there are only 4 Hermanas to sing so you could easily hear all of our voices. Everyone said we did well though so phew. We sang the EFY Medley.

Okay so this week we got new Hermanas in the zone, so me and Hermanas Sellers, Duran, and Peterson are no longer the only Hermanas. We were really worried because we saw the pictures of the new Hermanas and everyone (mostly the Elders) thought they were super pretty and we were like oh dangit we won't get all the attention from the Elders anymore. But then they got here yesterday and all the Elders were like "what the heck they look nothing like their pictures they aren't even cute" so that was kinda funny but kinda sad hahah. Needless to say I think we're stilll going to get a lot of attention. Me and Hermana Sellers are super close with tons of Elders and I swear we make new friends every day! 

Yesterday most of our zone did an "English Fast" it was like fasting but instead of with food we fasted by speaking ONLY spanish the whole day until dinner time. No english. It was so hard but super fun at the same time haha. It made us all work hard and practice spanish a lot.

More friends I've seen being here: Sister Stasny, Elder NG, Elder Wagner, Elder Clark (who I was friends with at EFY like 4 years ago, it was crazy we saw each other and were like wait I know you), and Elder Jensen! It's awesome seeing friends from BYU and stuff.

Hermana Sellers and I are like BFFs with the Food Director at West Campus so we get special treatment, it's awesome(: We pretty much have all the right connections here haha I love it.

I love and miss you all so much and hope you are having awesome weeks!!

My mom wanted me to send my favorite scriptures so here they are:
From the bible: John 16:33
From the book of mormon: Alma 36:3 and Helaman 10:5-6 (fave missionary scripture) and 1 Nephi 3:7


The missionaries in my district that are going to Puebla!

What happens when we're tired during class time

Best zone leaders ever

I love my district so much! 

Our quote board (still in progress)

I lost my ID card and had to get a new one. The new one I got didn't have a picture on it so 
every day a new person in my district is drawing a picture for me to put on it hahaha

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