Monday, September 15, 2014

"I don't care your life. Whatever" - Elder Carrillo trying to speak English


Wow I have like 10 minutes to write this and so much to say so I'm going to have to make up for it next week. Sorry if I don't have time to send pictures ahh.

Okay well to start off, this has been probably the hardest week of my life. So many times I just wanted to go home, and I've cried a decent amount haha.

I'm just going to bullet point everything cause there's SO much I want to say, so sorry if things don't make sense!

* The flights to Mexico went well. I talked to this man and his son on the plane a lot who were sitting next to me, and I ended up bearing my testimony and giving them a book of mormon, but I don't have any of their info so I have no idea what happened with that ugh!

* Our first night here we stayed the night in the mission home where the president and his wife live and it's SO nice! 

*Funny story: They had just finished telling us not to drink the water or brush our teeth with it or anything here and of course, first night, what did I do? I brushed my teeth with the water cause I forgot. Ahh I'm stupid! But don't worry I didn't get sick from that.

*My Companion is Hermana Lopez. She is from Guatemala and doesn't speak any english. She is super nice and fun and patient with me haha. We get along really well and can actually communicate well with each other!

* My first food here was una hamburguesa from a food stand and it was super good and much different than the ones in america haha

* first night we were walking and a man stopped me and tried speaking english with me and I think he was trying to flirt with me and it was super awkward. He tried to kiss us on the cheek when we said goodbye and it was super awkward because we're not allowed to let people do that.

* Our apartment is tiny and smells bad and is super cold in the morning and the shower... ohhh the shower... It's super cold and there is literally one tiny stream that comes out of it and sometimes it doesn't even work so we have to use buckets of water. Also last night and today it seriously smelt like something died in there we have no idea what it was

* I seriously get stared at by everyone, especially teenage and young adult guys. It's super weird for me.

* I do NOT like the food here. I suffer through almost every meal and there is cilantro in most things. Ugh I hate cilantro! haha. Gonna have to get used to that for sure.

* I've been sick the past few days. My stomach has been hurting really bad and my head has been all blegh and you can guess what else...

* We had our first baptism on Saturday and that was awesome but I felt bad because they had to redo it like 3 times

* I have been super depressed the past few days so I asked the American Elder in my district to give me a priesthood blessing last night and it helped SO much, wow. I was basically crying/trying not to cry all day yesterday. But after the blessing everything was better. Here's what happened - These people asked me if they could interview me in English for their class because they're learning english and afterwards they gave me some of my favorite cookies. After that we had La Comida (lunch/dinner) with a family and it was really good and they were super fun and made me feel really comfortable and I could actually understand most of what they were saying to me. What a blessing!

* It's super funny when people try to speak english with me because their accents are so weird and the way they say their sentences is so weird. There's an Elder in my district, Elder Carrillo who always tries to speak English with me and the things he says are hilarious, oh my gosh. But he's being transferred tomorrow and we're all super sad :(

* My area is called Loma Florida (the name of my ward, too) And we are just outside the town of Apizaco.

Ahhh I have no more time to write but I have tons more to say next week!

I hope everyone is doing super good and I hope you all have an awesome week. I love and miss you all more than you can imagine!!

First Baptism on Saturday!

Riding in the back of Familia Aragon's van!

My district!  Elder Lopez, Elder Carrillo, Me, Hermana Lopez, Elder Carrasco, Elder Stephens

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