Monday, March 9, 2015

"Ustedes viven juntos?" "Sí!" "Uhhh tú no vives con nosotros..."

Hoooooola muchachos. This week felt like it went by so slowly yet so fast at the same time... but it was a good week! Today we had nothing to do so we got together as most of our district and made french toast and it was so good... wow I miss American breakfast food.

What happened this week...

* It was Hermana Pérez's birthday on Tuesday so some members invited us over for "family home evening" and when we got there they surprised my comp with cake and pizza. We were pretty happy haha.

* We got sick this week and are so mad. It's just a cold but it is bothering us so much ahhh like seriously one day we were perfectly fine and the next morning we woke up dying coughing...

* So apparently last Monday I hurt my wrist doing who knows what because all this week it had been hurting and wrapped up in a bandage. Then this one member here who is a nurse and bone doctor had me show it to her and she said I had a bone out of place... Cool right... So yeah she did some weird Mexican massage thing and got everything back in place haha so all is well now.

* I realized after writing my email last week that I had never actually said who Luis and Alondra were... Luis is the "bread guy" and Alondra is the girl that we contacted on the street that I talked a little about 2 weeks ago. Sorry for not explaining!

* So we were teaching Luis the other day and found out he has an addiction... So we made a plan to help him quit it and wow he's already progressing so much! He really wants to change his life completely and it's awesome and we're so excited for his baptism in a few weeks!

* On Saturday night we had an activity where we showed a movie and we pretty much contacted like the whole city inviting them but very few people that weren't members showed up so that was disappointing... But it was still fun and we did get a few new people who are interested in the church!

* So I have heard a lot of songs here in Mexico, a lot of them being love songs. I realized that love songs in Spanish are usually so much cuter than the ones in English and I feel like when I get home, for a while, I'll be listening to pure songs in Spanish hahaha.

Well yep that's pretty much what happened this week! We're already in the 4th week of the transfer and we don't want it to end!!

Hope you all are well and don't forget how much I love and miss you! (:


Hermana Eyring

Making french toast for the Elders!

My wall in front of my desk so far! Send me more pictures!

Our District Leader carrying our tiny Ward Mission Leader... hahaha.

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