Monday, June 15, 2015

"Hey ustedes diganme, una piña colada tiene coco?.. random text from Elders


Well this week was pretty busy, but a good week!

On Tuesday we had our 6 hour zone conference with 2 of the stakes in our mission. It was suuuper awesome. First we watched the video "Missionary Word and the Atonement" and talked about the Atonement and then we talked about attributes of strong missionaries. We also talked about the "Book of Mormon" and all the evidences that show that most of the stories took place here in the Puebla/Tlaxcala area. SO cool! (None of it is doctrinally proven yet but the evidence is awesome.) Then we talked about the family and it's importance and we sang the new primary song "The Family is of God." The Elders sang the "fathers" part and the Hermanas sang the "mothers" part and the rest we sang together and wow it's my new favorite primary song... haha. Then since President and his wife are leaving this transfer they had an open Q&A session and we could ask anything we wanted to about life, doctrine, etc. Then we ate lunch and Hermana Christenen's (president's wife) food is amazing. But yeah, I learned a TON(:

We had "intercambios" (missionary splits) with our Hermana Leaders on Friday/Saturday and when we went to La Comida, two sister missionaries that had kinda recently finished their missions came to visit the family we were eating with and it was sooo weird to see them in normal clothes talking about boys and work and everything. It made us feel super weird so we had to leave and do missionary stuff to get the feeling away haha. But it was cool to see them!

The daughter of E and M,  has a baptismal date now too!! Her and her mom are gonna be baptized the same day(: They are progressing super well and it's awesome. (: The daughter is only 8 so we made cute little things to teach her visually and we're pretty proud of ourselves... haha. I sent a picture of one of the things we made for her.

On Saturday night we had a ward mission activity that we planned and it was super fun. The plan was that we were going to have this game where we had 10 stations that had different questions about the 5 missionary lessons and the teams had to go around to each station and answer questions. If they got the answer wrong we got to throw paint on them. Then at the end we were going to talked about the Atonement and how when we sin we are stained but the atonement helps wash it away. But things didn't exactly go as planned. We had to do it outside but it was raining all day so when everyone showed up we didn't know what to do. My companion and I had brought the movie "Meet the Mormons" just in case so we started watching it. But then the movie started failing and it had stopped raining so we decided to go outside and do the game. It started out calm but then things got crazy and everyone decided they wanted to throw paint on us 6 missionaries and it just turned into a big paint fight. It was super fun but needless to say we spent FOREVER cleaning up all the paint and getting it off our skin and out of our hair... haha.

2 scriptures I liked a lot from this week:

Alma 26:27-31 -> This is what it is to be a missionary. (Especially like the 1st and last verses.)

John 15:18-21 -> Sometimes it's hard to defend what we believe in, and many people may despise us, but Christ went through that first and it wasn't easy for him either. He understands us perfectly.

Have a great week everyone, I love and miss you tons!

Hermana Eyring

This if for the little girl we are teaching: We made a little temple representing the church and the 4 pillars that it has to have to be Christ's church. (The building stands on top of the 4 pillars; if you take 1 or 2 away it falls.) 


Last picture with President before he leaves :(

Our missionary activity gone really wrong... paint fight!

Amalucan Stake missionaries(:

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