Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"No estoy gorda, sólo estoy mal sentada..."

Well this week is all pretty much a blur and I don't have lots to say sorry...

We're getting really excited because Mario and Elizabeth are getting married on Wednesday, then Elizabeth and Marely get baptized on Saturday... wooh! We can tell they're getting excited too. (: I'll give an update on it next Monday!

This week in La Comida I ate the liver of an unknown animal... ewww.

We have a new investigator named Roberto who's awesome! He went to church yesterday and was participating in the Gospel Principles class a lot and we could tell he liked it! We feel like he's gonna progress a lot and he has a lot of potential and we're already thinking of a baptismal date to put for him. (:

On Saturday they tell us who has transfers so I'll update you on Monday! It's super likely that I'll leave and me and Hermana Mendoza won't be companions anymore. :( Pray lots for me that I'll have a good companion and good area... haha.

I love teaching about the Restoration and telling them the first vision Joseph Smith had because every time I teach it I gain even more of a testimony of how TRUE it is. Ahh I love how that pivotal moment changed everything and I love all the blessings available to us because of it. I just wish everyone could know it was true... But hey I guess that's why I'm here. (;

Well yep that's pretty much it! It's so weird that next Monday is probably my last day in this area... I've been here since January and it's gonna be hard adjusting to a new place but I'm kind of excited for a change. (:

Have a great week, I love and miss you all!
Hermana Eyring(:

Our zone leaders bought talavera nametags for everyone!

The things we do to teach kids... (you put the little pieces through the holes 
in the mouth/garbage can and behind there´s a bag to catch them(: )

You know it's gonna be a good day when you open your Paleta Payaso 
and it has a frowny face instead of a smiley face...

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