Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"Hermana ya no tengo dinero..." "...yolo"

Hola muchachos!

Wow today I'm 20 and not a teenager anymore so that's weird...

We had a zone activity today and we celebrated my birthday and everyone came all the way to Serdan, it was awesome. We played games and played with water balloons then they soaked me with buckets of water for my birthday. Then they pushed my face in a cake... (I won't have pictures from that part until next Monday.) But it was super fun... haha.

Happy Fathers Day(:

Mario and Elizabeth got married... woooh! Then on Saturday Elizabeth and Marely got baptized and it was awesome(: In our district there were 4 baptisms on Saturday. Two were ours, one from the other Hermanas, and one from one of the other Elder companionships. Puro poder (translated: pure power) (; Oh, and Mario and Elizabeth even brought cake for everyone at the baptism, how cute is that?

We talked to someone on the street today and asked them if they knew why people called us Mormons. They said they had no idea but they thought it meant we didn't believe in God and that we were scary... haha, yeah people have super wrong ideas here.

So we had a challenge in the mission to read the Book of Mormon in less than 2 months and today I finished and I feel super happy... wooh! Finishing it again I have an even stronger testimony of it and I just love it.

What I want for my birthday: For everyone to find a Book of Mormon and read at least a little bit of it because it will literally save your life and you'll see why when you read it. (: AND/OR if the missionaries knock on your door, answer it.(: When you reject them you're basically rejecting me because we're doing the same work. Also it'll bless your life more than you can imagine.

There's a talk called "Yes, we can and we will win!" by Ulisses Soares from this Conference and it's great. Read it or watch it at

TRANSFERS: Welp, I'm finally leaving from this area. :( It's been super sad saying goodbye to all the families I love so much here, especially after being here since January. But I know I have even more great things waiting in store for me in my next area. I'll update next Monday on where I get moved to and who my companion is!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week because you're all wonderful people. (:

Hermana Eyring

After Mario and Elizabeth signed their papers to be legally married(:

Last district meeting all together. :( (After the wedding.)

With Mario and Elizabeth and their kids. 

All of us at the baptism! (The other Hermanas with their investigator,
us with our 2, and the people who baptized them.)

Zone activity today(: Happy Birthday to me!

Gonna miss Hermana Mendoza :(

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