Wednesday, June 3, 2015

"La Hermana Maldoza comió mi spaghetti?" "No, es Hermana MENdoza" "....Hermana MALdoza >:( "


I still can't believe how fast the weeks are going by! We're already halfway done with this transfer and it's already June... Which means this month I turn 20 and I hit my 11th month mark in the mission... whaaaat?

Today we had a district activity and made fried ice cream and fried Oreos, and crepes with cream cheese, ham and queso. (:

On Thursday we had to go to an appointment in the hospital for my companion so we had to go to Puebla because that's where they have the best hospital in the whole "state." It's HUGE and they have Starbucks and Krispy Kreme there so I was in love. But the adventure pretty much took up the whole day so we couldn't really work. :(

This week we started teaching a new family of investigators. I think I already talked about this but it's the family of the people that contacted us in the street one day and asked us to visit them because they had known the missionaries in Veracruz. The grandpa and grandson even went to church on Sunday and said they liked it... wooh! (We actually had 5 investigators at church on Sunday so that was pretty awesome for this area.)

ELIZABETH AND MARIO ARE GETTING MARRIED! This is the first wedding I've "organized" in my mission and I'm so happy. (: Elizabeth is sure about her baptismal date and we told them they have to be legally married for her to be able to be baptized and they started getting all excited and figuring out how they were going to get everything together. We know people who work for the government here so they're helping us with loopholes so we can get them married easier. (: We have seen SO many miracles with them it's crazy. Oh and they could finally stay all 3 meetings at church and their daughter loved being in Primary with the other kids. We're going to put a baptismal date for her the same day as her mom. (:

I'm super sad because Elder L Tom Perry died. :( A member told us on Saturday and we got super sad and now we just want to know who the new apostle will be. Pray for his family and all the apostles and especially President Monson who's also sick.

Well that's pretty much all I have to say because we don't have lots of time to write and this week went by super fast! Tomorrow we have a 6 hour Zone Conference so we're going to be in Puebla allll day.

As always I want to say that I know this gospel is true and every day my testimony grows even more. Also, I have such a love for the Book of Mormon now, it's crazy. I know that book is true and was written by real prophets here in the Americas.

I love you all, have a wonderful week. (:

Pictures from our district activity today! Love this group (:

Coming back from Puebla in the bus and my district leader made the Mexican flag (the computer flipped it to the side) and the American flag with a Rubik's cube.

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