Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"He is hot." - A phrase I taught Hermana Pasten in English that she uses all the time.

Hola Amigos!

Well we have been sick all this week with different things. I had a bad cold and cough and now Hermana Pasten has it. Earlier Hermana Pasten was having troubles with her stomach and with breathing so we had to go to the hospital 3 times for different reasons. Then on Saturday night I got super sick and didn’t sleep at all and almost passed out in the bathroom and yeah it was a great night. L But now all is well! My stomach still hurts a bit and Hermana Pasten`s cough is getting worse but, ehh we’ll get over it haha.

Okay things that happened this week:

We were walking in Apizaco (the city) on our way to a meeting at the church and and all the sudden this man stopped us and was trying to talk to us in signs and it took us a while but we realized he was deaf and couldn’t speak but we figured out that he was trying to tell us he wanted us to visit him.  It took forever but he explained where he lived and his phone number and name and everything. Even though he was writing everything, we couldn’t understand his handwriting and he wasn’t making sense with that either. Then he tried to kiss us on the cheeks to say goodbye and we had to reject it and we felt so bad cause we couldn’t explain why he couldn’t kiss us. :( But yeah the whole thing was a super humbling experience and we really want to teach him but he’s in the area of the Elders :(

On Friday morning we were in the area of 2 of the Elders in our district half the day helping their investigators move into a new house. When we got there they told us to organize it how we would our own house and they were trusting us to organize their house for them ahhh haha. It was fun but super tiring!

Pretty much every day this week other American in my district, Elder Steffensen , and I were giving English classes to 2 of the Bishop’s daughters because they are preparing for an exam to be able to get into this English program through BYU. I realized that English is super weird and hard to teach haha.

The words "flip" "fetch" and "freak" are words that pretty much all the missionaries (especially the Latinos) in our mission use and now I’m involuntarily starting to use them too haha. I feel like I sound so weird. We have so many "missino words" and "mission phrases" in our mission.

An elder gave us some CDs of Christmas and Disney songs and we have been listening to the Tarzan soundtrack nonstop and I’m pretty sure “You’ll Be In My Heart” is my new favorite song right now.

The church is starting this new thing for Christmas called “He Is The Gift”. If you haven’t seen it, go to www.christmas.mormon.org and watch the video and share it on Facebook, twitter, or whatever you have. We have been talking a lot about this with people we contact.

Today I went to Walmart and Sam’s Club for the first time since being in Mexico and that was pretty much the highlight of the week for us, haha.

Well that’s pretty much all that happened this week! On Wednesday we have our big Multizone Christmas activity with President Christensen in Puebla and we’re really excited! I hope you all have a great week and are enjoying the Christmas season. I wish I could be home for Christmas but this is the next best thing. (:

Les extraño mucho,

Hermana Eyring

The other day we helped one of our investigators warm up these puppies that were just born 2 hours earlier outside in the freezing cold and almost had hypothermia. Their mom was sick in the vet so we had to pretty much nurse them back to health,

Christmas hats that we got for our whole district and ward mission leader(:

You can't really tell because it's so tiny but today we stopped by a 
pet store and I got to hold a baby turtle. (:

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