Monday, December 8, 2014

"Hermana Eyring le extrañamos en la actividad! Pues... por su pelo."

I feel like all my weeks jumble into one and thank goodness I write random things down throughout the week that I want to say because if not I would be so lost haha. This week was good and pretty eventful!

* On Tuesday-Wednesday we had intercambios and I left and went to the area of one of my sister training leaders and it was super interesting. We taught a family that believes in God and everything but they also pray to the Santa Muerte and have images and little figures of her in their house. They believe that God does miracles and the Santa Muerte does "favors" hmmm haha. It was a super powerful lesson and the first lesson I’ve ever had like that!

* On Wednesday we found out that in our area, on the same street as 2 of our investigators, a man was killed and chopped up into pieces in his house by his "esposo" so yeah now we’re super sketched out and are being very careful at night with where we walk.

* This week we had to teach a lesson outside sitting on the "sidewalk" because the girl’s parents didn’t want anything to do with us. (She’s 16 and awesome and we see a lot of potential in her!) Also we had to teach in the dark because one of our investigators, Marta texted us asking her to come to her house and her power was cut so we used the flashlight on our phone.

* Yesterday we were at La Comida and all of a sudden everyone ran to look outside so we all went and looked and the police had just pulled over and arrested 2 men who were driving a camion (mini autobus) super drunk. They also had girls in there with them and a bunch of beer. I saw them putting one of the men in the back of their police trucks and he was out of his mind drunk. Thank goodness they got them before we left in the combi!

* We walked in last night and we didn’t have light because there’s a little fair going on in our area and they used all the light source or whatever! We still had to finish our studies and make decorations for an activity we have this week so that was interesting to do in the dark hahah. Thankfully it came on after about an hour and a half.

* In our emails from President this week he told us that we’re going to be closing a bunch of areas in the mission this transfer and we’re super nervous that we’re going to have to close our area :( We’ll know on Wednesday! (Also on Wednesday we’ll know if I’m going to be a trainer or not… ahh.)

* So the rumour that I talked about in my last email... IS TRUE! (: Background information: About 6 months ago they introduced a rule in our mission that we can’t have zone activities anymore and we can’t have more than 4 missionaries together in public (and of course Elders and Sisters can’t be in pairs so we couldn’t do anything with the Elders on P-day). Just the other day they changed the rule and we can now have zone activities again!! Everyone is so excited because seriously the whole mission I guess was depressed after they announced the rule 6 months ago. There are still rules with it though. The activities have to be in the church and we still can’t have more than 4 missionaries together in public, but that’s okay we’re still super excited!

* Since the rule changed, today we had a zone activity in the "backyard" of the church. It was super last minute so we only had less than half of our zone there (me and Hermana Lopez and 8 Elders) but it was fun!! We played soccer with us missionaries and some boys from our stake. Also... I got hit in the face and in the head and in the stomach super hard with the ball, so yeah I still have a bit of a headache and they wouldn’t let me take a nap because they are afraid I have a concussion or something. (I don’t think so). It was hilarious because the Elders felt so bad about it but it really wasn’t that big of a deal to me. We played Americans against Latinos and it was awesome. We’re excited for all the Mondays to come!

* Something that I’ve really learned this week. Humility is essential to being a missionary and just life in general. In order to change and be better you need to have humility. In order to get along with people you need humility. In order to use the Atonement, you HAVE to have humility. I see the difference so much between missionaries that are humble and ones that aren’t. It’s something that is hard but I think we all need to work on.

* Also, this morning for personal study I was reading in Alma 5 and seriously everyone should read it. It’s very straightforward and basically a self-assessment. 

Well that’s about it for this week. We find out on Wednesday if we are closing our area and if one of us is going to train. We also find out on Saturday who has transfers! So we’re gonna be super nervous all this week and I’ll have a lot to tell you next week.

Hope you all are well!
Les quiero mucho,

Hermana Eyring

Mi mejor amiga Sami. (After this picture she was doing my 
hair and tryin to brush it with a dirty sponge hahaha.)

I miss my MTC district so much!

But most of all I miss Hermana Sellers!

Throwback to my first zone in the MTC!

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